Alessa, born in Mexico, is a visual artist with a very autonomous and original artistic approach; using various media – from drawing, painting, sculpture to film and performance- she keeps a line of production with her concepts and very personal themes, that she projects successfully in the diverse disciplines of her practice, having a very solid and personal language in her style. 

Alessa graduated in Fine Arts at the Academy: “La Esmeralda” in Mexico City. She made master studies in psychoanalysis parallel to her formation as an artist. Theory that can be seen reflected as a strong concept in the background and representation of her artwork. 

She lived intermittent in Austria for several years. After her first artistic residency in Künstlerhaus Studio Salzburg, where she showed her projects over two ”open studio” receptions; supported by Mexican institution FONCA, motivated after this grant, she kept on going back with different scholarship programs to Austria. Amongst others, she went to the International Summer Academy on the middle age fortress of Salzburg, where she painted the series Dogs N' Guns.  


Later on, she studied a specialty on multimedia at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, with Erwin Wurm from whom she was assisting at his studio during the year 2009.  

During these 5 years in Austria, she continued with her artistic process being a represented artist by Gallery Carbon12 in Dubai. She kept on showing her work with different young groups of artists in Salzburg and Vienna, like Whiteclub, Schmiede Festival, and C17, where she presented for the first time her big format canvases on the solo show project Voodoo Tales, 2009. Participating as well, in several group exibitions like site- non site curated by Amer Abbas or Der Alte Mann und das Meer, Erwin Wurm und Klasse, at the Stadtmuseum in St. Pölten, showing her work together with the professor and great artist, Erwin Wurm.  Another exhibition to mention was the result for the exchange program between Mexico and Salzburg that took place in Traklhaus Gallery in Salzburg and Biblioteca Vasconcelos in Mexico City on 2010.


 As part of the Wurm class, she took place into several workshops abroad, exploring deeper into public interventions and performance: she did several short residencies like City Rules at the Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin (2011), here, she develop three performances and public interventions, in which Kiss to Nauman, Blink to Pina... is one of those dance performances, going through one discipline to another in a very fluid dialogue. Resulting also on colective experiments with other artists. 


She is extremely capable to approach different art disciplines using various media, with effective and interesting results.  

Photo Expanded was a workshop at the Center of Contemporary Image in Cairo, Egypt (2010) where she made a street performance encouraging other artists to work with her. Austrian sculpturer Angelika Loderer runs around with Alessa on miniskirts through the alleys in Cairo, having later a good review in the online magazine Document B, where they were equiparated with Francis Alÿs, who lives in Mexico and Valie Export's most daring performances.  Alessa has a great capacity for building up a concept and translate it on a visual strong image for a piece of artwork.


As a Mexican artist, played an important role on the collective shows in Vienna, bringing a different, contrasting and unique style on her pieces.  


To keep artistic interaction between artists, she organized various multicultural projects with colleagues from different countries, nationalities and art medias, experimenting with diverse stage arts. Performance or butoh dance; involving presentations on different cities and locations, having sponsorships from international cultural institutions as well as private companies, playing a role of Art Manager.  


She was in charge of curating the exhibition for BilbaoArte foundation in Spain on 2008. Where she organized more than 30 artists from Mexico, Austria and Spain to show their work on t-shirts with a life cat walk perfomance. 


For the Project Jackie and Jacko in Wounderland at the Fringe Festival in Taipei, she made objects, installation and performance, with local and international artists during her stay at the Bamboo Curtain Artist Residency Studios in 2011. 


She has shown her work individually in Beijing, China, under a 666 art project preview of her work with Pepe Arcaute, 2014. She made a wall intervention painting in her solo show at the gallery Aa Collections during summer of 2013 in Vienna; She showed her Sticky Kiss Experience in the cultural institute of the Mexican Embassy in Vienna; Virgin Kill was hosted by KBK arte Contemporáneo Gallery and Sisters in her Closet by Proyectos Monclova Gallery in Mexico City. 


When its possible, she tries to use other platforms to show her work like virtual galleries having her Drawings About Cannibalism series shown on Funk Fu Net Gallery created in Prague by Martin Sbovoda. 

She has been invited to collective exhibitions in other important cities with different galleries like Ramis Barquet in New York, Garash Galería in México City, Luis Adelantado in Valencia, Art & Idea in Vienna, Poly Gallery in Karlsruhe, Germany, Arcaute Arte Contemporaneo in Beijing and Monterrey Mexico; at the Musée d’Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg and Engel Gallery Luxembourg when the photomeetings on 2010 took place.  She has been working with some galleries for specific festivals like MACO in Mexico City, Miami Scope with Art & Idea Vienna or WTC art fair in Beijing China, with Arcaute Gallery. 


During 2012, she was invited by two different Mexican film directors to go to Los Angeles California to explore in Art Design for the short tex mex violent movie Kiss Of Vengeance directed by Fernando Barreda Luna and the psychological short film The Retreat directed by Luis Robledo. She moved back to Mexico with the aim of becoming a teacher for contemporary art, implementing a new teaching method. Still traveling to find confrontation and inspiration in her production. 


Her last Artistic Residency, was at RAVI international Studios in the city of Liége, near Brussels in Belgium. Where she had a great space to develop big format ephemeral installation pieces with the elements she found in the surroundings.


Just the year before that, she was at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, supported by FONCA, and Arcaute Gallery who is hosting her work for several exhibitions in 2014.