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Story book
28 X 21.5 cm
Ink, on paper.





I hope to get there before dinner. I bet my sisters are seeding flowers and spoiling the cat. I wish I'm there already, to spoil the cat.

This road feels so lonely, night fell so fast, is that sound coming from my belly? is that a trick form the night shadows?

Their stupid game....

I hope they are spoiling the cat, yes, spoiling the cat...

this road is so lonely!

I can see the lights on from here, How silent is out here on the street! The house seems so tranquil, its so still!

Feelin alone again? We surprised you! feeling alone and scary? we are here to talk to you! we are here to support you! where you waiting for us? You dont remember us? of course not! you never remember us! never! We'll be here forever when you're mad and anxious. When your fear and anxiety disappears you forget us!

I can't hear anything, I hope they are still alive spoiling the cat, I hope to find them alive when I open the door... I hope I won't find their corpses around when I step in...

What was that?!!! mmm?

Come on Ninive! where is your Sister?

-Went to the park to get balloons!-

What? alone? without permission?

-When she's back mom will scold me!-


Come on Malice, you have to punish those girls! Punish them or suffer a bone break! A punishment, just that is what they need...

You haven't been listening... I warn you! Do you know what do you have to do? sure! Have you heard the details of the punishment? They are so mean! yes the girls are so Evil! Evil! but look at that dirty dog! Kill that dog! do it! Kill him or he will kiss your sisters. Kill him! Look how Clara amuses herself with the dog!

Did you see? that girl is a spy! we have to watch those girls! they are a nuisance! Who can tell? they look so sweet! watch! Let's keep an eye on them!

Oh! I can't stand this headache! Every time I have migraine I can't remember but dreams!

Everything it's so weird!!! I'm so scared... I can feel something terrible will happen. Every time I see that black hair I get Goosebumps, seems to be alive by its own. Is she feeding from our fear?

-What's going on Malice? What are you doing to us?

Quiet... When I go out, when I enter the store to buy an ice cream, in the park and strait halls

just silence.

Ninive? She's been too lonely, she speaks no more with Clara, and she stopped eating what I give her. If she goes to sleep without dinner, I will have problems with mom... She has been acting so strange.

I'm still with this heavy headache! I'm so sleepy! But... Ninive, I can't forget her, she has never played on the ground with the warms before! I've dreamed something... I dreamed about Clara and Nínive, they are so scared I don't understand.. Why they stop growing? Ninive cried for us to cut something she had on her back... but I can't remember. I think I couldn't help her cause I was going to die anyway.

Horror will posses her when she realizes what's she's done! yes! yes! yes! Thanks to our malicious genius! thanks to our morbid humor! to the flavor of our spicy craziness.

Sadness will posses her senses and like ice will froze her blood!

There wont be other way than ours! Suicide soon will invade the images of your eyes and will throw flames from your hair!!! Another triumph adds to Malice!

Malice will rule in the soul of every mortal sooner or later...

All the Children are Insane.