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Children's book (unfold able)
20 X 20cm
Collage, Ink, color, on paper.



Little Sister looses Teeth


Little Sisters play all day. They enjoy searching the embroidered heart on their underwear.

One little sister screams. Something hurts. -What's going on little sister?

Surprised Little Sister ran in front of the mirror to take a look inside her mouth.

Little sister lost her baby teeth!

Little Sister came for checkup. Arrived holding up her teeth inside her mouth. She wanted to know if they could put them back again.

Little Sister cries, there's a big line of girls waiting -don't worry sister I stay here with you until it's your turn-

Little Sisters decide to wait... -what is that over there?

Little Sister, distracted follows the rope...

Little Sister found Chanchito at the end of the rope!

Distracted Little Sister brings Chanchito where the others are playing.

Little Sisters already shared their games with many other chanchitos!!!

Big surprise she had when she saw so many other chanchitos playing with the Little Sisters!

She was so amazed she swallowed up her teeth, at least they were baby teeth!

(noise inside the belly)

In their game, they thought at the same time: Teeth can become a chanchito too big for our belly!

Back view of the unfoldable book. (you can follow the rope at the back of it)